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The 7-Step Calling in “The One” process has helped thousands of women and men attract Healthy, Happy Love by removing the inner obstacles to love.

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Learn the biggest mistake you may be making and the single most important thing you can do to create the miracle of love.

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Discover how to show up as radiant and irresistible – to inspire your beloved to recognize you instantly as “The One” for them.  

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Success Stories: Calling in "The One"

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"Soon after the completion of Calling in “The One” coaching with Jeanne Byrd, I met my true love! I now enjoy a profound field of trust and security with my beloved.”  

Annina Lucina Martin, Switzerland

katherine woodward thomas

"Jeanne Byrd can save you years of therapy. She's one of my favorite coaches. I have seen her work miracles with clients in a very short period of time."

Katherine Woodward Thomas Creator of Calling in "The One"

Jeanne Byrd

"I am not only a Master Calling in "The One" Coach, I called in my own beloved husband Daniel as a result of doing this profound work with Katherine."

Jeanne Byrd Calling in The One Coach 

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